the hardest thing to do is..

to watch you go away..
Boy : Goodbye.
Girl : Why? T.T
Boy : I fed up with you.
Girl : Are you? I am sorry, i know it's my fault...
yesterday something bad happened, well approximately, not yesterday ..
it was last night..
before that, do u understand what the above picture means ?
i f u do, of course u know that i am going to say this ;
after last night incident, I'm Fine *lying*
and u know what, i won't give up ..
if he really want to leave me, he should be the one that make the first move ..
just go, don't ask for my permission or anything ..
but just so u know, my answer will never change ..
i never want to leave you, instead i'll wait for a thousand yr..
u see the daisypath on the right side of my blog ?
well, that is how old our relationship is..

i want to be like them , shoo cute o(≧-≦)o

do u remember this ? i hope u still remember this as the last piece of me in your memories ..
i love you so much , no other words can ever picture it ..