King Lear Drama.

2 days ago, there was an event held in my college, Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Batu Lintang by King Lear Production 2 (Cohort 5: BI SK 4., BI SJKC 1., BI SJKC 2).
my team and i (Team 1: Research, Publicity) were given a task to decorate the main entrance of Auditorium Taza. here's some of the pictures took by me.

the stairs was decorated by my friends and i..
well, it took few hours to complete it..
approx. 7 hours
can u imagine it?
the foyer? i didn't have any idea..
looks beautiful, isn't it?
that's all...short entry for today..
"nothing will come of nothing"
Shakespeare W.